Zephyr: Download, installation and login instructions

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Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2015 16:02:43 +0000 (GMT)

Dear george,

Thank you for signing up! Please find instructions to download Zephyr Community Edition. This edition provides full test management capabilities for a team of 10 users. We have also included a FREE 10 named user license that is valid for 1 year and is renewable thereafter for free.

So, now let's get going.

STEP 1: Check System Requirements

First, quickly check out http://support.yourzephyr.com/product_help/4.6/Administering_Zephyr/Installation/Requirements.htm for minimum requirements.

Zephyr needs port 80 and port 2038 to be open between the Zephyr client in the browser and the server machine in order to function properly. If traffic on that port gets dropped/disconnected, that causes unexpected behavior and slowness in Zephyr. Traffic on that port requires the port to remain open and persist all throughout.

Firewalls and Proxies:
Firewalls/Virus Scanner on users' machines might potentially block or interrupt traffic on these ports. Please make sure it's freely allowing traffic on port 2038 and not timing out and closing the channel if traffic is idle. You may also need to bypass your proxy server to access Zephyr since most proxies do not pass this type of real time traffic. Please talk to your IT administrator to allow this traffic.

STEP 2: Download Software and License

a. Click on the following link to download the software. You will need to confirm your email address before the download starts:
The Zephyr installation file is about 220 MB.

b. Click on the following link to download the license.
(If you cannot click on this link, please Copy/Paste the entire link in a browser window.) Save this file to a directory on the machine where you will install Zephyr. Do not rename this file. You will need it during the installation process.

STEP 3: Install

a. Once you have downloaded the installation file, begin the process by double-clicking on it. You will need to be an Administrator on that machine.
b. At the right point in the installation process, please provide the path and filename of the "license.lic" file that you saved above.

STEP 4: Login

Zephyr is pre-populated with 3 users that you can modify. Use the following username/passwords to login:

Test Manager: test.manager/test.manager
Test Lead: test.lead/test.lead
Tester: tester.one/tester.one

STEP 5: Attend a "Getting Started" Webinar

Attending this free webinar will get you going on all things Zephyr right-away. These are held weekly for your convenience. Register today for the next one.

Over the coming week, our Support team will send you 4 emails (every other day) with helpful tips to make the most of your Zephyr Community Test Management solution.


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