This trick makes young women f--k you

From: Ishaan Branch <>
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2015 00:42:52 -0200

Looks like someone violated the "bro" code...
You see, the free Stealth Attraction video that
is making its rounds on the internet...

Well... it was clearly intended for men's eyes only.

Because this video contains secrets women don't
want you to know.

It shows you how to bypass a woman's rejection
mechanism... and force-feed feelings of attraction,
lust and desire directly into her subconscious mind.

Needless to say... this gives you some seriously unfair
power over women. And pretty much allows you to
sleep with whoever you want.

But apparently, someone spilled the beans.

The video got into the wrong hands and yada yada yada,
now some feminist group on Facebook is trying to have
the video pulled down.

They've sent complaints to the video creator's ISP... and even threatened
to take legal action.

Obviously... he didn't do anything wrong. But he doesn't need
the extra headache, so he's decided to take the video down.

If he decides to put it back up in the future, it's gonna probably
be behind a pay-wall to keep the prying eyes out.

That means...

This is your last chance to watch for free.

It's your last chance to find out just how effective this undetectable
seduction system truly is.

Watch the video now...

And you can use it's techniques to get laid as early as tonight.

It really is that simple.
P.S. The reason these women are so hell-bent on getting this video banned is because they know they're powerless to stop the techniques it teaches.
If you used this seduction method on them, they'd never even know it.

So if you want to nail a feminist, well...

Here's how you do it...
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