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 New course!
 Learn AngularJS <http://link.codecademy.com/551859876ca0bd17658b48912p9ao.1gtb/VR68M8PoEC-CynMGB5891>
 Get Started <http://link.codecademy.com/551859876ca0bd17658b48912p9ao.1gtb/VR68M8PoEC-CynMGC3483>
 Continue to improve on the skills you learned in our JavaScript <http://link.codecademy.com/551859876ca0bd17658b48912p9ao.1gtb/VSK7RMPoAoKgCDLxB2d6c> and Make an Interactive Website <http://link.codecademy.com/551859876ca0bd17658b48912p9ao.1gtb/VSK7RMPoAoKgCDLyB2ed9> courses by learning AngularJS, a popular JavaScript framework. In this new course, you'll build 4 apps to understand how AngularJS 1.x works and how to apply it to real-world projects.
 You'll also be able to build 14 AngularJS projects on your own to practice and learn more in-depth AngularJS concepts. Projects appear as you go through the course.

 Get started <http://link.codecademy.com/551859876ca0bd17658b48912p9ao.1gtb/VR68M8PoEC-CynMGD6855> with AngularJS now!
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