Sophos UTM Home Use Firewall

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Date: 8 Nov 2016 17:08:55 +0000

Mr./Ms. jjds dskkds ,

Thank you for your interest in Sophos UTM Home Edition. The information in this email will guide you through the download and installation process.

How Do I Install Sophos UTM?

  1. Download the ISO image found here:
  2. Burn this image onto a CD.
  3. Insert CD and boot the PC you wish to dedicate to Sophos UTM from the CD-ROM drive.
  4. Follow the on-screen installation instructions. The Webadmin URL will be shown in the final step of installation.
  5. Point your browser to the web-based configuration tool (WebAdmin).
  6. Follow the wizard to set up a basic configuration.
  7. Upload the attached home use license file under Management >> Licensing

Your Personal MyUTM Account

Please follow the activation link to activate your account.

Activation Link:
Activation Validity: 24 Hours You can log in to MyUTM at any time at If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one here as well.


There is only one home use license per user permitted. If you previously created a home use license (before July 2010), you need to upgrade this file to the new license model in order to use it with Sophos UTM. To do this, please log in to MyUTM and navigate to >>License Management.>> Select your home use license and click on >>Upgrade to new license model>>. Download the new file and upload it to your Sophos UTM.

Additional Support

What does Sophos UTM install on?

Sophos UTM installs on any dedicated X64 machine, turning it into a fully functional unified threat management firewall. Perfect for that spare machine you have sitting around!

Minimum Hardware Recommendations

  • 1.5+ GHz processor (dual core+ recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM (2GB strongly recommended)
  • 60 GB hard disk
  • Bootable CD-ROM
  • 2 or more network cards

Please visit our Sophos User Bulletin Board at if you have any set up or configuration issues. Sophos UTM manuals and guides can also be found at

Thank you for choosing Sophos and we hope you enjoy Sophos UTM!

Kind regards


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