50+ Hours of Javascript Training

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If you've ever wanted to learn Javascript or even beef up your Javascript skills, this is the deal for you. You'll gain more than 50 hours of online tutorials from Stone River eLearning to train you up on Javascript. Learn at your own pace on any device, as you become a master of this popular language. Normally this online course sells for $1295, but for a limited time only, you can get Javascript training for just $39 - That's a savings of 97% off the regular price. See the intro video http://link.mightydeals.com/?xtl=fn0x4dw98qekwr2kvmmmapayvp6iavxp1qiw0omcouszh1xm7x7x6x7dvj70ucxkwzv8bg5xdrjz1llc006pn31rsf5gf46i9hakbo1t8rym1tibmpfk4ygnan9f2rb9u0am0u6674043xkrinrnyiva598a8qufog076la84r0lme3088cp3lwpyk6q4i98vgwvfkr58k40tv6u4wiudo2ab9odgacycwkc568hkn12&xi=none_at_none.hu&ad_tracking=wdd_ikaros Mighty Deals ___________________________________________________________________ http://link.mightydeals.com/?xtl=o5cmlu3iic2o96d4l7slhtf18f8r4viu3suv647twqnxtazno9h63zphk7pfmh3qvn7gxcysxjyz0jpsem50z8h2600q0j3m0zz76x2xx11piwxf9o&xi=none_at_none.hu Unsubscribe: http://link.mightydeals.com/?xul=cyivm8x9gyusvvdypx7nel1cwtmkg5l73gzdfw5s4sm8x2tn849wormuuvctdi28a6gd0dde73cqxb&xi=none@none.hu
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