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From: David Wallimann <>
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2018 18:15:07 +0000

A few years ago I used to host live online guitar
masterclasses. These events were some of the most gratifying
guitar coaching sessions I've ever hosted.

Each event only had about 30 tickets for sale, and when they were
gone, I couldn't sell anymore because more than 30 students meant
that I could not answer all the questions I received during the
live workshop.

I sold out every event and 100% of the time, I would get an email
like this AFTER the tickets had been sold out:

"David, I have been watching your Youtube videos for years and
love your way of teaching. I wanted to sign up to your live Modal
Playing masterclass when it was first announced a couple days ago
but I got caught up watching the last episode of Big Band Theory
and then I forgot until this morning. Is the event really sold
out? I really really want to purchase a ticket. Can you PLEEASE
make an exception for me? I love what you're doing!!!"

I don't want you to miss out. This really is your last chance to
join and I can't guarantee that the price won't go up. :)

Tomorrow at 11:59 PM MST, registration for Guitar Infusion

Click here to join before the time runs out! ( )

If you've been waiting till now (you, procrastinator, you!) this
is your final shot to get my step-by-step curriculum to
understand and apply music theory on your instrument and become a
complete guitarist.

Included you will get:

- Over 22 hours of step-by-step video lessons organized into four
main sections

- Dozens of high quality backing tracks to apply what you will

- Unlimited lifetime updates

- Private Facebook study group

- Free access to all Guitar Infusion live webinars

- Full 30-day no questions asked money back warranty

I remember a few years ago I was about to give up music. I
thought I was done and had nothing else to say musically. I
thought only a few select players could truly make a musical
impact with your guitar. But something within told me not to give

And I spent a TON of time trying to make sense of it all.

The good news is...I can teach you exactly what to do to become a
better player in this step by step curriculum. You don't have to
waste any more time searching for a Youtube video that will
finally make sense. It's all in this course neatly organized for
you to dive in.

You can checkout the registration information right here: Guitar
Infusion Course Signup ( )

See you in the course!


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