Are you practicing guitar the right way?

From: David Wallimann <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2018 18:21:41 +0000

Hi none,

Are you wanting to become a much better guitar player but don't
know what to work on next? Are you frustrated with your progress
because no matter how much you practice you never seem to
advance? I can certainly relate to this. For the first 10 years
of playing I seemed to be getting nowhere. Sure, I could play a
bunch of pentatonic licks and jam with friends. I knew lots of
chords and could write a few songs. But something was missing...
I didn't feel satisfied and hungered for more. Can you relate?

It was only after changing the way I approached my guitar
practice sessions that things started to change. You see, my
problem wasn't that didn't want to put in the work - my problem
was that I had no idea what to practice. Once I started planning
my practice sessions ahead I started to see real improvement in
my playing. Not only was I able to play better, but I also
started to feel more connected to the instrument. Carefully
planning ahead what I would explore on the instrument enhanced my
creativity and opened up so many new musical doors.

In the last two decades of teaching guitar professionally, I've
perfected a step-by-step guitar curriculum guiding students
through carefully panned out lessons teaching how to understand
and apply music theory. The Guitar Infusion course will guide you
through all the musical concepts you need to drastically enhance
your progress as a complete guitar player. It's very simple to
follow, simply study each video in order and experience the


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