Searching for a fwb!

From: Marvella Entler <>
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2019 22:47:54 +0100

I'm called Katheleen, however you can simply refer to me as master. I love teasing torturing my loyal subjects & am searching for new slaves. I am inclined to play tough, but obedience is always acknowledged. If you want to play with me, then I require full submission. You have to be ok to render your cock to me. You have to be ok to take it, and beat your meat onto my face. I am going to suck, nd not stop untill I get every,





out of you.

You've Got To Be Prepared To FUCK MY ASS.

If you are an obedient dude you may be acknowledged by coming back & doing whatever you want with my body. I shall be your fuck toy if that is what you desire.

Have a look at my profile & we can talk much more about how you can please me ?

Trak Auto
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