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Postman was named StackShare's #1 Utility Tool of the Year for the second year in a row! Thank you to all the Postman users who provided feedback on StackShare. Tools like Stack Overflow, Google, and Dropbox also made the list. Check out the full list of winners <>.
- We improved our commenting feature! Now you can tag your teammates and style your comments with markdown <>.
         - You reported them, and we fixed them. Check out our release notes to see all the bug fixes we made this month <>.
Abhinav Asthana, Postman's CEO  and  co-founder, talks to Nathan Latka, host of the Podcast, The Top. Abhinav addresses the growing adoption of APIs, Postman's philosophy on providing a great platform for users, and Postman's business development.
Realizar pruebas de back-end con Postman. El curso de Fran García te ayudará a pasar de cero a experto. Ahora estamos ofreciendo un 92% de descuento <> para los suscriptores de Postman, así que regístrese pronto!
Learn how to use Postman for automated testing of service APIs <> in this online course by Amber Race, Senior Software Development Engineer in Test at Big Fish Games.
A non-developer walks through how anyone can learn API testing with Node.js and Postman <> through Gherkin features in his new book.
New to Postman? This tutorial by Guru99 is an easy way for beginners to get started with Postman <>.
Create an API experience free of interruption <>. Sanjay Rajak, Software Engineer at Sikka Software, discusses how his team uses Postman Monitors in production to ensure excellent API service.
John Dias, Senior  Technical Marketing Architect at VMware, demonstrates how you can use Postman to extract data from vRealize operations <> with REST APIs.
Create a facial recognition app using Postman <>, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET, and Docker.
In part 3 of Building Restful API with Flask, Postman, and PyTest, you can learn how to create REST APIs <>.
Message Media uses Postman to improve their APIs both internally and externally <>.
Growing Company, Growing Industry
 Abhinav Asthana, Postman's CEO and co-founder, discusses Postman's accomplishments - including how Postman is becoming a gold standard in the API development industry <>.
 Detecting Fake Postman Apps with Postman
 Postman’s security team detects counterfeit apps automatically <> with our new collection, and you can too by downloading our template.
 Snapshot testing for APIs using Postman
 You can easily set up snapshot tests in Postman using saved API responses <> as snapshots to ensure that your UI doesn't break unexpectedly.
Postman Fundamentals Training
 If you or your teammates are new to Postman, our online training course with a live instructor is an excellent way to shape up your Postman skills quickly and easily. We have courses scheduled in multiple time zones over the next few months.
 Register for Postman Fundamentals Training <>
 Postman Expert Training
 Have you already mastered the Postman basics? Learn new skills and complex techniques in our online training sessions for experts.  We have courses scheduled in multiple time zones over the next few months.
 Register for Postman Expert Training <>
In a recent article in Forbes, Abhinav Asthana, Postman's CEO and co-Founder, discusses API proliferation and how an API-first approach fosters digital connections <>, encourages growth, and how to succeed in a dynamic ecosystem.
In his latest article on Programmable Web, Abhinav Asthana walks through the expanding set of API tools in the industry and how Postman can help govern every stage of the API lifecycle <>. 
Ankit Sobti, Postman’s CTO and co-founder, discusses why he thinks it’s important to move toward API-first architecture <> with Dynamic CIO.
 <>Michelle Cordero from shares Postman's finding that API development tools are being adopted at a growing rate <>.
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