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Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2019 21:47:43 +0000

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cutiejoel0: hello there stud, hows it going

cutiestephane16:: actually hoping to see if you'll be ready to chat

cutiegenia75:: I do not genuinely have anticipations with this because i'm currently taken

cutiefidelia57: but my man does not have to be aware of this :p

cutiemaud79:: you probably wish to know a little more about me...especially what i look like

cutiesacha0:: to provide a good idea, im pretty tall...close to 5'8". I have bright blue eyes & dark hair which falls to my waist. I believe my best feature is probably my chest. let's just say that I am lucky in the breasts department.

cutienenita43:: I am aware that this is a whole whim here, however if you are right down to hook-up some time, message me back

Come meet me https://goo.gl/9rqUrJ#bm9uZSU0MG5vbmUuaHU=

https://goo.gl/9rqUrJ?bm9uZQ== purgeur email from the list
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