Hi, I'm a romantic girl wants to find a soul mate.

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Hey. I'm sure you're surprised to see my letter. I hope I did not scare you with my letter.
The first impression of dating is very important, and I do not want to spoil it.
I must introduce myself. My name is Zulfiya, I'm from Ruussia. I live in the big city of Kazan.
This is a beautiful city and modern, which is located on the banks of the Volga River.
Have you heard of my city before? Would it be interesting to know where you live now?
I would love to see about your city. I hope you tell me about it.
I am interested to learn something new and meet interesting people.
This is one of the reasons and motivation to travel. Do you travel often?
I try to go on vacation 1-2 times a year. Fortunately, my work allows me to do this.
I own a small business that can be called successful. I can not say that I am a rich man,
but Iam completely protected in a financial relation. The only thing I do not succeed yet is relationships.
Unfortunately, I'm still single. I already had a serious relationship in my life,
but I can not call it a good experience. I think that a Russian man is very different from foreigners.
Russian man takes a woman for granted, do not take care of her, considers a woman his property.
I do not want to be just a woman in the kitchen, a cleaner or sex object.
I am looking for a long and serious relationship based on understanding and loyalty.
I think I'm ready for this, but I want to find a decent man.
I heard that there are a lot of scams on the Internet, and you need to be careful with your feelings.
I'm not here to play games. I despise the people who do this.
I want to create a real and lasting relationship with a serious man.
A man who knows how to treat a woman with due respect and understanding.
I am tired of such attempts in my country. That is why I decided to meet a man on the Internet.
I think that in our time this is the best way to communicate, even if we are very far away.
In addition, it is almost free and available to all people.
If you think that we are looking for something in common, I will be glad to see your letter and photos.
Hope to hear from you soon. Your friend Zulfiya

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