The art of investing just got smarter!

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Fintech firms like Infinhub use Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics to simplify researching stocks in 20+ countries with high success rates.

How do you decide where to invest your savings to generate higher returns? How do you ensure you maintain liquidity on your holdings, and yet earn greater profits? Every individual has a different level of disposable income for investment, a customized risk appetite, and specific requirements on access to their savings and liquidity.

Yet, the goal is the same – earn more from the investment!

Souqalmal has always guided its users on building their savings by optimizing their debts, budgeting their monthly expenses to build their cash reserves, and identifying the best banking products to park their funds in. However, we now want to extend our guidance to the art of investing in equities and securities.

We have helped you save – now is the time to guide you on how to grow those savings!

Investing in global stock markets requires deep knowledge and understanding of different companies and their respective stock price movements. Further, the ability to create a diverse portfolio which caters to your specific investment requirements is an art. While there are several companies and brokerage firms which assign advisors to assist in building your investment portfolio, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is now digitalizing this space, thereby empowering users to understand the markets, and build their portfolios themselves.

One such organization leading this digitalization is Infinhub. A Dubai-based pioneer in the unbiased research space, Infinhub extensively uses AI and ML algorithms, powered by 10-15 years of financial data about companies and markets, to provide insights on stocks in 21 countries, and predictive analyses on the movements of stock prices over time. What sets apart Infinhub is the fact that they are the only stock research provider globally with 100% coverage, providing detailed research reports on EVERY stock listed in these markets. Speaking to their team, they boast a 70% accuracy and success rate on their buy/sell recommendations based on their algorithms that carry out billions on calculations every day to analyze 550+ data points about each company 24*7.

Infinhub maintains a single subscription model for all the markets it covers. Registered users can gain access to detailed research reports on a full range of equities, along with data-driven recommendations on building, and maintaining a model portfolio across different countries. Their services include the following:

  • HUB Stocks: This is a list of top performing stocks in each of their covered countries, thereby guiding you for individual stock investments
  • Model portfolios: This service allows you to build a model portfolio in real time based on the specific strategy you select according to your investment preferences. By simply selecting an investment theme in a desired country, Infinhub’s algorithm matches your requirements with a model portfolio that you can execute with your current broker!
  • SwitchER: Infinhub’s big data analytics create recommendations on your current holdings and recommend changes if needed for any stock, along with top recommendations for replacement / alternatives.
  • Verdict: This is a detailed research report on every stock which is listed in the 21 countries, comprehensively covering fundamental and technical analyses, HUB scores, buy / sell recommendations, and fully supported with rationale and peer comparison data.

The art of investing just got smarter!

No investment should be made without understanding properly to pros and cons. Make sure you do your research on the stocks you want to buy or currently hold. Utilizing the power of data and AI, companies like Infinhub are a good option to help you on the same.

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