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From: Steven Xiu <>
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2022 02:20:36 +0800

Hi, dnm
How are you?
This is Steven from China, we're a professional bags & backpacks manufacturer based in Xiamen,China.
We can replicate or make enhancements to your custom sewn item(s). Our staff can also assist you with material selection, available trim, and the most cost-effective way to produce your product.
Whether you need a few hundred or a few thousand pieces, our sewing capabilities can meet your needs, on time, and at a price that makes your product competitive in the marketplace.
Here are some of the bags we do for your reference.

We can produce more bags, please contact me if you have any inquiry.
Best regards,
Steven Xiu
If you're not interested, please reply "REMOVE".
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