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 * Driver Tip: Stop Automatic Driver Updates In Windows 10 , #driver
 * PC Performance Tip: Login To Windows 10 Without A Password , #registry
 * BIOS Tip: How to Set a BIOS or UEFI Password, #bios [img]
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        [img] I run a small PC repair shop. All my customers run Windows 7, 8 and
10. Most customers have one request; "PLEASE make my PC run faster and more reliable like
it did when I first purchased it." Their PC problems range from being infected with a
virus, spyware or malware, and even a corrupt operating system. Can you recommend a
software program that I can use on these PCs that will help me find and repair these sorts
of problems, as well as a good PC tune-up?
 – Alex T., San Francisco, CA
    We highly recommend a great software app named Reimage,;banner=direct&amp;adgroup=direct&amp;ads_name=direct&amp;keyword=direct
. The first step is to download and install Reimage,;banner=direct&amp;adgroup=direct&amp;ads_name=direct&amp;keyword=direct
. Next, Reimage's,;banner=direct&amp;adgroup=direct&amp;ads_name=direct&amp;keyword=direct
 free scan tool will instantly locate the errors on a PC's Operating System. Then,
 repair process actually removes and replaces and damaged files found during the scan.
Finally, during the repair stage, Reimage,;banner=direct&amp;adgroup=direct&amp;ads_name=direct&amp;keyword=direct
 not only repairs the damage to the Windows operating system, it actually replaces corrupt
or deleted files with new Windows files and components. This is done with their
continuously updated online database. Your customers’ PC performance, stability and
security will be restored and improved within minutes. Reimage,;banner=direct&amp;adgroup=direct&amp;ads_name=direct&amp;keyword=direct
 will make your customers. Good luck.....

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      What is the difference between a computer with an integrated graphics processor and
one with a dedicated graphics processor?
 – James W., Dayton, OH

Computers with integrated graphics will either have a chip built into the motherboard or
capabilities built into the processor that performs the task of displaying video onto your
monitor. The integrated graphics share resources with your computer’s memory, which can
degrade the computers video performance. A dedicated graphics card is an add-on card whose
sole job is to handle video processing tasks. If you are someone who plays video games or
plan on editing home movies on the PC, it would be wise to have a dedicated video card.
One of the key graphics processor specifications is the amount of video memory the card
offers. The more memory the card offers, the faster the computer will be able to play
games and the greater support it will offer for HD video. To let you easily connect your
PC to an HDTV, many new computers offer an HDMI output to let you use a single cable for
audio and video.

       I’m constantly getting notifications of Windows updates. Do I really need to
install them all? What benefit will I get from them?
 – Don C., Carson City, NV

One of the most common things that hackers use to hack your system are the known
vulnerabilities in the OS. Many of the updates that are marked as “critical” are
security related. Therefore it’s a very good idea to install the updates in the
RECOMMENDED section, because it is most likely addressing a vulnerability that a hacker
has found. At the very least, make sure you keep Windows Update active so that you will at
least know when the updates become available. Adding and improving features is another
good reason to install updates. You can also set Windows Update to automatically install
updates so you won’t need to do any manual installation of the updates. Instead, you
will just be notified that Windows has installed the updates.

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  Driver Tip: Stop Automatic Driver Updates In Windows 10

 One of the Windows 10 related complaints we hear regularly is the mandatory delivery of
universal drivers through Windows Update.

Well it turns out you can actually disable the downloading of these universal drivers in
Windows 10 and avoid this issue all together plus it is very easy to do.

a. Click the Start Button and search for System. Click the Control Panel result - it
should be the top one.

b. When System Properties opens up click on Advanced System Settings.

c. Click on the Hardware Tab (#1) and then click Device Installation Settings.

d. Click on No, let me choose what to do to expand your other options.

Once you click on No, let me choose what to do (Option #1) there are three other options
to set. Option #2 continues to download and install the best driver software from Windows
Update. Option #3 prevents the automatic install of driver software from Windows Update
and Option #4 toggles the ability for Windows Update to download hardware related apps and
other info from Windows Update.

If you opt to turn off automatic driver updates for your hardware that means you must
manually find those updated drivers yourself from the manufacturer. DriverAgent is the
perfect program to help you do just that.

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   PC Performance Tip: Login To Windows 10 Without A Password

 Want to quickly boot to your Windows 10 desktop by skipping the login screen? Would you
like to avoid typing your account password each time you turn on your PC? You can
configure Windows 10 to automatically boot to the desktop or Start screen without
requiring to enter the account password.

This is the easiest way to automatically login to Windows 10 without entering the

1. First step is to open Run command box by simultaneously pressing Windows Logo and R
keys (Windows+R). In the Run dialog box, type Netplwiz and then press Enter key.

2. In the resulting User Accounts dialog box, first select your user account and then
uncheck the option labeled Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.
Click Apply button to see Automatically Sign In box.

3. In the Automatically Sign In dialog box, type your password and then re-enter the
password to confirm the same. Click OK button.

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   BIOS Tip – How to Set a BIOS or UEFI Password

 A Windows, Linux, or Mac password just prevents people from logging into your operating
system. It doesn’t prevent people from booting other operating systems, wiping your
drive, or using a live CD to access your files.

Your computer’s BIOS or UEFI firmware offers the ability to set lower-level passwords.
These passwords allow you to restrict people from booting the computer, booting from
removable devices, and changing BIOS or UEFI settings without your permission.

These passwords are set in your BIOS or UEFI settings screen. On pre-Windows 8 computers,
you’ll need to reboot your computer and press the appropriate key during the boot-up
process to bring up the BIOS settings screen. This key varies from computer to computer,
but is often F2, Delete, Esc, F1, or F10. If you need help, look at your computer’s
documentation or Google its model number and “BIOS key” for more information. (If you
built your own computer, look for your motherboard model’s BIOS key.)

In the BIOS settings screen, locate the password option, configure your password settings
however you like, and enter a password. You may be able to set different passwords — for
example, one password that allows the computer to boot and one that controls access to
BIOS settings.

You’ll also want to visit the Boot Order section and ensure the boot order is locked
down so people can’t boot from removable devices without your permission.

On post-Windows 8 computers, you’ll have to enter the UEFI firmware settings screen
through Windows 8′s boot options. Your computer’s UEFI settings screen will hopefully
provide you with a password option that works similarly to a BIOS password.

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        Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu?

Don’t forget to make the Start menu your own. If you appreciate the blend of the
traditional interface with the Live Tiles, note that you can right-click on any tile and
select Resize to alter the tile’s dimensions—just like on the Windows 8 Start screen.

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