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From: Vice Admiral Joseph W. Rixey <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 06:29:56 +0700

>From The Desk of: Vice Admiral Joseph W. Rixey
Director, Damage Compensation Unit/
International Defense cooperation.
No. 2800 Defense Pentagon Washington, DC 20301-2800

Attention Please,

Following series of reports on fraud by the US Soldiers on foreign mission, several investigations was made into the US Central Defense quarters for the report of the subject matter, only to discovered from the investigation reports that you are a victim of internet romantic Scammers, who in their disguised contacted you as one of the US soldiers on foreign mission with a romantic messages and investment, upon which at the process swindled huge amount of your hard earned money. Recent arrest of Dip. John Moses and other fake diplomatic agents in Africa and Europe, while some others at large was an insight. And discovery of 12 trunk boxes was made containing huge sum of money (US$100,000,000.00).Your name Tagged on one of the trunk boxes as the beneficiary with several proof of money transfer you made to receive successful delivery of the consignment but all to no avail. Having exemined the 12 Trunk boxes to know the true nature of the currency (US$100,000,000.00) and behold it was
 all fake US$ 100 Dollar b

In rebuilding the image of the US Military in the international communities, a long and careful consideration was made at the just concluded G20 Summit of Leaders with the International Defense cooperation; and African leaders was blamed and held responsible for the worldwide corruptions and destruction of the US Military image in the international communities for their lack of curtailing crime and corruption in their nations, and therefore directed for immediate compensation of the victims whose hard earned huge amount was duped at the process, together with their image and reputation destroyed at their intention of dealing with US Soldier on international peace keeping mission, but not knowing falling victim in African Scam spread net.

Henceforth, the public is hereby to take note that no US soldier on foreign mission will contact any person or group of persons while on foreign mission with any romantic message or investment plan of any kind because all US soldiers on foreign Combat mission are on microscope, has no access to Internet, telephone call or whatsoever.Therefore, you are advised to stop further relationship communication with whosoever, on whatsoever transaction connected with US Soldier to receive any form of consignment/luggage to avoid the bitter end of the transaction.

For the lost of huge amount of money, together with the major trauma and the damaged done to the image and reputation of innocent tax payers mostly USA and European citizens, the United States foreign aid to Africa was suspended until African Leaders made good their promise at the just concluded G20 Summit of Leaders to compensate the victims. In this regards, the African leader approved and transferred the sum of US$50,000,000 (Fifty Million Dollars) into the International Defense cooperation Offsore payment center(FOREIGN TRADE BANK OF CAMBODIA),Cambodia, Asian to compensate the victims.

Among those on the list submited to be compensated in this last quater payment is your name, therefore feel free to contact our payment center (FOREIGN TRADE BANK OF CAMBODIA),Cambodia, Asian, for your damage compensation award payment of US$350,000.

Bank: Foreign Trade bank of Cambodia.
Contact Person: Mr. Kim Sokkeng (Fiduciary Agent)
Telephone (Private) +85581930724.

And coppied to me for perusal.

Best regards,
Vice Admiral Joseph W. Rixey
Director, Damage Compensation Unit
International Defense cooperation.
No. 2800 Defense Pentagon Washington, DC 20301-2800
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