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Dear Sir :

     Nice day!

     This is Lily from METAL & HARNESSES factory ,we make D rings , O rings ,clasps ,clips , fastening,rivets , grommets,eyelets,buckles,screws , harnesses ,wires ,bolts ,nuts ,clips ,bits ,spurs ,screws,anchors,stainless steel hardware , brass hardware,steel harnesses ,aluminium hardware, zamak hardware ,iron products ,wire hardware ,metal & Harnesses,belt and buckles,straps ,leather Harnesses,tags ,belts,straps ,clips ,rings bars ,hooks , safety buckles,brass buckles, brass rings ,belts,buckles ,Split Ring ,straps ,sliders,snaps ,Bars Rings, Fasteners, magnent buttons,craft hardware ,bindings ,knobs,steps ,straps , bits ,eyelets ,tools , metal gear , metal hardware , metal products, metal Components,S hooks ,bars ,snaps ,webbings , buckles, HOOK,brass buckles, clips , hooks ,straps , accessories ,brass snaps ,brass gear , stainless steel hardware,steel harness ,steel wires, wire rings , wire buckles ,brass gears ,brass products ,iron metal hardware ,Fasteners,safety buckles,brass buckles, brass rings ,belts,buckles ,Ring ,Squares ,straps ,sliders,Bars Rings, Buckles, Cord locks, Hooks & Rings,Tabs, Locks and Slides,magnent buttons,carabiners,trigger ,buttons ,snaps ,fasteners, buckles, buttons,Hook Loop £¨safety buckles,sliders,snaps ,Rings ,chains,suspenders as required for our global clients .

    We are manufactory, we are the source, our price is very competitive ,you will get the best price , We have profuse designs with series quality grade, and expressly.

    Our factory always produce customer designs and drawing , if you have any products looking please let me know

    we could surely make for you

    Sincerely hope could work with you !

Best regards

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